30 Jan 2015 Völkerball Meier Music Hall Braunschweig, Germany


• Völkerball 


Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr

Vorverkauf: 27,65€
Abendkasse: 30€
Tickets unter:

Meier Music Hall
Schmalbach Str. 2

Info: www.voelkerball.eu


Meier Music Hall
Schmalbachstraße 2

30 Jan 2015 Wishbone Ash Blues Garage Isernhagen, Hannover, Germany


• Wishbone Ash 



Blues Garage
Industriestraße 3-5

30 Jan 2015 Glasgow Coma scale Hühnermanhattan Halle (Saale), Germany

• Glasgow Coma scale  • manescape  • Blue Rising Sun 


Gross Art IG präsentiert:
Stoned Friday! Die auditive Droge fürs Wochenende. Werdet high mit Stoner-, Kraut-. Psychedelic-, Alternativ-, Space-, und Post-Rock.

Es geht in die vierte Runde mit:
Glasgow Coma Scale (Krautrock, Frankfurt a.M.)
Manescape (Stoner Rock, Polen)
Blue Rising Sun (70's Rock, Halle)

Glasgow Coma Scale:
Gegründet hat sich die post-rock-Band Anfang 2011 in Frankfurt am Main. Den Kern der Band bildet das kongeniale Brüder-Gespann Piotr und Marek Kowalski, die aus einer traditionsreichen Familie polnischer Orchestermusiker abstammen, aber Geige und Klavier schon früh gegen stromintensive E-Gitarren und -Bässe eingetauscht haben. Ihre Vergangenheit hatten die Kowalskis jeweils in getrennten Rock- und Punk-Bands im Erzgebirge verbracht und verlassene Bergwerksschächte beschallt.

Ein polnisches psychedelic/stoner Rock Trio aus Glogow (PL), das seit über 7 Jahren die Szene rockt.

Blue Rising Sun:
Wir sind eine junge Band vom wunderschönen Planeten Erde (aus der Stadt Halle/Saale) und lieben die Musik. Unser Stil ist weniger Genre geprägt, sondern richtet sich danach, was wir in dem Moment des Musizierens spüren. Blues, Funk und Rock sind jedoch wohl unsere Lieblingszutaten ;D
(an bestimmten Tagen auch gerne eine Prise psychedelic jazz)


Hordorferstraße 4

31 Jan 2015 Rasta Knast CD-Kaserne Celle, Germany

punk rock

• Rasta Knast  • Freiburg  • Resolutions  • Halfway Decent  • Dressed In Pain 



Hannoversche Straße 30b

31 Jan 2015 Pohlmann. Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus Bremen, Germany


• Pohlmann. 



Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus
Schildstraße 12-19

01 Feb 2015 Los Fastidios Nexus Braunschweig, Germany


• Los Fastidios 



Frankfurter Straße 253

01 Feb 2015 Robert Sarazin Blake Club Moments Bremen, Germany


• Robert Sarazin Blake  • Matt Henshaw 




In 1997, Robert Sarazin Blake dropped out of college and hit the road. The folk music of his father’s house had combined with the DIY punk ethos of the day and produced his first batch of songs, Another Irrelevant Year. On the heels of Richard Manning, Billy Bragg, and Ani Difranco, Blake’s 18-year-old release is an early document of the folk-punk movement. On his first US tour, Blake played 30 shows around the US planting seeds as he developed touring, not as an economic model, but as a lifestyle. He hasn’t stopped. Ten full length albums into his career, he’s continued to write pulling from folk roots, his travels, his contemporaries, and the quiet spot in the back of his mind. The writing has evolved, mellowing with experience and expanding with reference, but the essence of the work has remained the same-strong narratives solidly built on the folk foundation and fully in the immediacy of the now.

The touring and performing has become an art in itself. Performing 200 shows a year, Blake is a world class performer in a neighborhood venue. The show is a combination of songs and rambles landing somewhere between a concert and a theatrical instillation. The neighborhoods have been all over Ireland and the US and occasionally in Canada, Scotland, England, Norway, Denmark, Germany and France. The shows are booked, managed, and driven to by Blake- a one man cottage industry existing underneath and outside the main-streams of the music business.

His songs continue to be influenced by Bob Dylan, John Prine, Shel Silverstein, Christy Moore, Lou Reed, Joni Mitchell- his stories and stage banter by Arlo Guthrie, Garrison Keillor, Spalding Gray, his outlook by Naomi Kline, Jim Page, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, and his essence by James Baldwin, Henry Miller, Jeannette Winterson, John Steinbeck, and Philip Roth. His contemporaries, Anais Mitchell, Louis Ledford, Hamell on Trial, The Heligoats, CR Avery, Jeffrey Lewis, and Jinx Lennon, continue to influence and inspire.

From his home in Bellingham (WA), Blake started his own record label SameRoomRecords, „recordings of songs and musicians in the same room and the same time“ — an oddly unique idea in an era of digitally manipulated sounds — and has sold over 10,000 albums from his suitcase.

This philosophy reflects Blake’s dedication to the moment, to the connection within live performance. There is always a moment in a Blake show where the room pulls together and the space between the singer, the song, and the listener disappears.

“Blake being a master of stage presence and completely at ease, he was capable of bringing the crowd to a complete silence. His ability to make a story out of a moment, a moment every audience member is a part of no less, is the one of the best forms of concert entertainment I’ve ever experienced.”
- Jess, Sunsetintherearview.com

“Put it all down in a letter’ exudes an unpredictable and sometimes dangerous charm.”
- Dan Bolles, 7 Days (Vermont)

“An astute stream of consciousness whirlwind.”
- Jon Colcord, WSCS Out of the Woods.


Matt Henshaw’s biography is already complex at the age of 27, which gives his song-writing a depth and maturity that could only have come with experience; suffering for his art and travelling a journey that has shaped and honed his skills – and it shows. Having paid his dues, he is still on his way up … and the best is yet to come.

This soul-loving, tea-drinking gardener is a singer/songwriter of some repute from the Midlands since quitting his day job has there by storm. His penchant for acoustic sets and original songs showcases his love of guitar and vocal – based soul & blues, demonstrating his influences of Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Steve Marriott and Sam Cooke, and earning him the description of ‘an old soul in a young body’. He has named his unique sound Acoustic Rhythm and Gospel, creating a new music genre and inspiring his audiences to follow the man and his music. Widely respected by his peers and well known to the gig-going audiences in the Midlands, he is now travelling the length and breadth of the UK and the world looking to broaden his appeal, continue the journey that has taken him this far, make his mark on the national and international music scenes, and see where the ride takes him.

His recent decision to tour the UK and Europe as a solo artist, stripping back his unique sound to just an acoustic guitar and his superbly mellifluous voice, has already generated much interest and he can be found most evenings on a stage doing what he was born to do, guitar in hand, working his particular brand of magic; his beautiful soulful voice and ethereal guitar weaving a spell over a gathering with self-penned songs so resonant with emotion and meaning they would cause an angel to weep, leaving his audience spellbound and wanting more. In just one year this rapidly growing interest has strengthened his resolve, and his web-based activities on popular social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter growing his following to promote himself and his music are now paying dividends, with fans across the globe wanting more.

His superlative voice and stage presence has already won him critical acclaim from respected publications such as the NME and The Guardian; he has been featured on BBC Introducing numerous times, appears regularly on independent radio stations around the world. Whether generating gentile acoustic hertfelt earworms or psychedelic rock with soulful undertones; his thus far independent releases have been an eclectic mix which demonstrates how successfully he can slip from genre to genre, and even create new ones, without losing integrity and which showcases his appeal to his many appreciative fans.

“Sublime … a blue-eyed soul voice that’s up there with the best of them” - Paul Lester, The Guardian

„Just Perfect … a prolific songwriter“ - Dean Jackson, BBC

„Genius“ - Luke Holland, The Guardian

„The Missing Link!“ Jaime Hodgson, NME, I-D, The Observer

„It’s easy to see why he is getting gigs across the country and over in Europe, just listen to the songs, Matt Henshaw has the potential to be as big as Ed Sheeran!“ - Phil Patterson, Music Sector Specialist, UKTI

„In comes Henshaw’s soulboy vocals and suddenly you’ve got a big ass shaking block party on your hands“ - Gill Mills, Amazing Radio

„Amazing singer-songwriter, great songs one after the other“ - Demon FM

„Soulful with a growing fanbase“ - The Leicester Mercury

„There is only one Matt Henshaw… only one, brilliantly talented, trend setting, soul saving, Matt Henshaw!“ - The Guy With A Stick


Club Moments
Vor dem Steintor 65

01 Feb 2015 Roger Hodgson Musical Theater Bremen Bremen, Germany


• Roger Hodgson  • Supertramp 


GERMANY! Fantastic news! Final winter show added in Bremen on February 1 at Musical Theater Bremen! This will be the only show in Germany before summer, so you will not want to miss it. Join Roger and Aaron at this beautiful venue for a magical night of warmth and Roger's classic hit songs, plus more. Share the news today!

Get your tickets online through the link above or by phone at 0421-35 36 37 or 01806-570070.

Roger Hodgson ist als einer der talentiertesten Komponisten, Songschreiber und Texter unserer Zeit anerkannt! Als die legendäre Stimme, der Verfasser und Herausgeber der meisten größten Hits von Supertramp … , die zu mehr als 60 Millionen verkauften Tonträgern führte, gab er uns unglaublich beständige Songs wie: “Give a Little Bit,” “Dreamer,” “It’s Raining Again,” “Take the Long Way Home,” “The Logical Song,” “Breakfast in America,” “Fool’s Overture” und so viele mehr, die zum ‚Soundtrack’ unseres Lebens wurden.

Hodgson war Mitgründer der Progressiv-Rockband Supertramp im Jahr 1969 und begleitete sie 14 Jahre lang. Er schrieb und sang die meisten Klassiker, welche Supertramp weltweiten Beifall brachten. Erst kürzlich erhielt Roger zwei Auszeichnungen von ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) - einer amerikanischen Vereinigung für Komponisten, Autoren und Herausgeber – für seine Songs, die in deren Repertorium unter den meist gespielten Songs gelistet sind, der beste Beweis dafür, dass sie sich über Jahre hin bewährt haben.

Visit Roger online:

Roger Hodgson Website - www.RogerHodgson.com

Official Facebook - www.facebook.com/RogerHodgson

Official Twitter - www.twitter.com/RogerHodgson

Official YouTube Channel - www.YouTube.com/RogerHodgson


Musical Theater Bremen


02 Feb 2015 Honig Mephisto/Faust Hannover, Germany


• Honig  • Tim Neuhaus  • Town Of Saints  • Jonas David  • Ian Fisher 



Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3

04 Feb 2015 El Da Sensei Musiktheater Bad Hannover, Germany


• El Da Sensei  • A.G.  • Pawz One 



Musiktheater Bad
Am Großen Garten 60

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